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Dec 4, 2006
Treatment behind cover

Wound packing

Situational awareness, position selection
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SOF tactical tourniquet instructional video

Tactical medic weapons placement

SOF tactical tourniquet
Fast straps

Foxtrot Litter

New trauma bandage
safety pin 0001

Emergency surgical airway

Improvised scalpel Handle
Olaes bandage instructions

Tactical rescue myths

Performing a wound sweep
Treatment of an open chest injury

Serpent Wrap
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That SOF T is a great tourniquet. The army went with the other one because it was cheaper and plastic but it breaks when it is cold. Another problem we had with them was when blood and sand get on the Hook Pile tape it won't stick very well. The SOF T is well worth the money and 20 bucks is worh the price of anyones life. I say pay the higher price get a better product.
i like the SOF-T the more I use it, I thought it was OK at first, especially for training. I've gottten to the point now where I really don't care which one i have, I'm equally fast with a SOF-T vs a CAT..... now the problem is supply. we've ben trying to get them for 5 months and can't. I really don't mind the CAT - it does it's intended job: one-time use tourniquet which completely stops blood flow. however - YRMV, because I have tankers, sappers, AND grunts.... so it works fine. i HAVE noticed that sand issue you mentioned, JJ - that made me take a hard look at the SOF-T again. In short - if I could get them, I'd replace at least half of my tourniquets in my aid bag with them, and all my first-line tourniquets (the ones in my drop leg) would be SOF-Ts.
Mentioning SOFT-T, hadn't you sometimes problems with locking windlass because of its sliding on the base (meaning one plastic triangle was too close and second too far for locking)? We encountered this few times during training, and had to loosen it and tighten again....

TacMedSol are great guys, but I don't just get the idea of FOXTROT litter.. maybe I'm too stupid, but when I need I used some rag litter, added sticks to sides when needed or SKEDs for high angle/ c-spine... Only use for them I found was during MOUT ops, otherwise they was too heavy/ too soft. Any experiences?
In this case- they works great. Just from some vids on TacMedSol I thought that they were designed to be multi-role.

BTW: Phantom litter looks great, does anyone had chance to use them?