Jul 30, 2012
Sate of confussion ;)
Guess I will follow orders and Intro myself,
Born and raised in Germany, came to US at the ripe age of 16, joined the Army at 17, decided the reserves was not my idea thing, so I enlisted regular Army.:thumbsup:
Units Served:
193rd Inf
193rd Inf Support Bn
7th Trans., AKA 9 months of HELL}:-), went on leave, and signed into Ft. Bragg
18th AB Corp.
MOS:95B Military Police;88L /62C10G Waterrcraft;97B CounterIntel German/Spanish

7th Generation Army, my Daughter is the 8th!
Currently work for the Dept of Veterans' Affairs Medicl Center, taking care of custy old farts like myself.
Found this site doing research for High Speed Rucking gear, rather ruck 12 miles then run 2.
Mission assigned, mostly in the Central/South America, counter narco/insugent, I worked field, garrison was pure torture, work 7th SFG in the late 80's, as a fluent Germany speaker, the Intel part of the Army thought I would do best in Central/South America, LoL.
We might have ran in the same cirlce, I had a close friend, in I think 519th or 513th MI, SMG J. Berry, this is 20 yrs ago. Based Ops out of Panama or Hondo. Pre 1st Gulf War Operations.
I was there from 86-89, Started at Ft Clayton with 193rd, then the dragged me, willing to Ft. Davis, were I was attached to 1097th, loaned out to 3rd/7th and SBU 22 at Rodman, CSM Aquaninoc ( think ), if I spelt it right , big Hawaiian, if you met him you would know him, and CW West, AKA Snack Bar, West both of 3/7th. Gen. Lufkie was US South Com. Cmdr. when I got there, then General Mad Max Thurman took over, it was an honor to serve under him, a soldiers' soldier and no BSer. I returned for a short stay again in 90's in the AO.
Did you ever get to play in famous Water Polo Matches? last one I was in, trip to TMC with corneal abrasion, busted lip, teeth marks on my back, it was not for the weak or heart, they did a ban after 22 injuries reported for awhile.
Did you get your “Down Ranger" T-shirt? Young and dumb! Running my mouth too much, good memories.
Greetings, when were you at Army South? and which VA Center do you work at?
I forgot I worked at the Fayetteville VAMC, for 10 yrs, across from Delta clinic, I am now at Mountain Home VAMC in Tn., I plan to retire here, I love it.

Any of your going to the Clark Clinic on FT. Bragg, there is a Dr. Kathleen Gross there who has been serving the Veterans at the Fayetteville, NC and working at the Clark Clinic now, she is taking care of You fine Gentlemen, spouses and Veterans, please stop by and thank her, she is also my wife, and tell her, " Elmer" said "Hello".