Jul 10, 2018
I'm currently nearing completion of a Computer Science degree. I grew up as the small bookworm kid that got put in a headlock when the the big kid wanted to show off his MMA moves at school. The second time he tried he got a broken nose. I've always had an interest in a military career as long as I can remember and this lead me to obsessing over just about anything related to it - military history/technology/current events. I've had family and family friends that were in both the Israeli and USSR special operations forces and hearing their stories really inspired me when I was young - they still do.

I found ShadowSpear and I'm looking to shut up and learn from those who live the lifestyle. I'm preparing to enter the Lone Soldier program upon completion of school to enlist in the IDF. My goal is to be accepted into the Elite units - I'm already breaking my ass every morning and evening to prepare but I know its only getting started.