Hand to Hand

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Dec 8, 2009
Just wondering if SWCCs are trained in hand to hand combat and in Close quarter combat.
What do you think? If your answer is any thing but ," I should not of asked that question and I wont be a dumd ass again" feel free to ask another!
My guess is you are a High School student who has done no research at all, but expects others to feed you information. FAIL!
You are a NO-GO at this station.
Go back and take the retraining. (Read the frigging stickies, use the search function, do more research, then ask for clarification if there are unanswered items)
Actually I am not a High school student and I have done my research. The problem is that there is a lot of information that contradicts other information. I used the search function and have read through the posts about SWCC. I assumed that at SWCC school they are trained in hand to hand and I assumed that it was a combination of different Martial Arts like the Seals train in, but I was taught to never assume and to get the facts. So I posted a question see if my assumptions were correct.
WTF? How do we know that inbred, grit-mouthed MOFO is from my motherland?
CAR just make sure you don't be a practicin' on yer kids or on yer dawgs. And don't be ninjin' no body who don't need no ninjin!
that guy was on Jerry Springer. if you think his demo vids are funny then you should see him actually try to fight someone!

Stuff that Nelson/Sykes/Applegate hijinx. I'm writing an IJ that the NZDF trains in Ninjin.
Is the SCARs program still used by NSW or is it something else now?
Hand to hand ???.........................................Thats why I keep 25 friggin pistol mags all around my damn belt. :uhh:

I get winded after just two punches to the bad guy's face. Time to create distance and load another pistol mag and start shooting again. :D

Of course, that's while on the run to cover.
hahahah... do they have a "GHOST" enlistment contract? does it come with a cool skull balaclava? ;)
Not open for further replies.