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May 22, 2010
Hello. Please allow me to introduce myself. I have been working in local law enforcement for the past 18+ years and have a sibling in the special ops aviation community. Good to be here.

Mind if I ask where you work?

Just curious and helps us understand your background etc...
Chopstick - Glad you thought my intro was so "harmonious"...just wish it came with all the glamour and glory that would come from writing a Rolling Stones song.

Pardus - Dont mind you asking at all I work in the City of Newport News, Virginia. Southeast VA - Population about 190 k - Approx 425 sworn officers.

Thanks for the kind welcomes.
OK thanks, so does that mean you are a bastard or not? }:-) the other cops on the board here are total pricks }:-)
Newport News PD! Had some fun times up there. Im sure you guys are pretty farmiliar with us FAST Marines. :doh:
Haha Pardus....Guess that depends on who you ask. There are plenty of people in this City and indeed around the globe who probably think I am a bastard, but then again they deserved it. But I am certainly not like to people in the SpecOps community - I tend to get along with them just fine. Seem to have most of my problems with freeloaders, criminal types and people who dont respect and appreciate this great Nation we live in and protect.
Yes SR-25 I have met my share of FAST Co Marines and in fact have a few here on the Department who got out of the Corps and now work in LE.
Im looking at comming back there to work PD, either NN or VA Beach. Both Depts had a bunch of great guys. Never really got along well with VSP though.:mad:
Welcome aboard!

Wow, Newport News, that place has some rough neighborhoods! I live in NC, but work in VA Beach. Thank you for what you do, I can only imagine what you have to put up with!
OK thanks, so does that mean you are a bastard or not? }:-) the other cops on the board here are total pricks }:-)

If you would stop screwing the sheep the police would stop tasing you........"dont tase me bro" aaaahhhh

Not open for further replies.