hey everybody im matt

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Not to nitpick or anything but a little effort on your part for your 'writing' skills might go a long way. Capitalization, punctuation, grammar, etc. We are all professionals, it may seem like something small but it goes a long way to portraying that professional image. ;)
Welcome to the site, Matt. As RackMaster pointed out, you might want to clean up that original post a little bit.
Thank you for your service.
Hi Matt,

As a member of the staff allow me to welcome you to the site and thank you for your service. I would like to offer you a few "helpful suggestions" for your stay here:

- I don't know if you're on a mobile device or not, but communication is obviously a critical skill set on any forum. We have several members on mobile devices and they take the time to properly capitalize and punctuate where appropriate. No one expects a Rhodes scholar, I think we all make spellinig and grammar mistakes at times, but the ability to clearly communicate is vital.
- Your Intro is a little thin. No one expects a full bio from you, but are you Active, Guard, Reserve, what MOS...little details to help us better understand who we're "talking" to.
- Lastly, I don't know if you're familiar with forums or not, but I'd be remiss if I didn't ask you to read the Stickies/ FAQs found at the top of the forums.

Again, welcome aboard.
Welcome to SS Matt. Please get a clue. OPSEC is as important now as it was on 9/11.

You put everyone you know at risk by posting personal information on any board, this one included.

From your brother's MySpace page:

Matt K..jpg

Nice smile troop. Stay safe!!
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