Historic Canadian Cavalry Unit called up to Reserve Duty after 40 years of inactivity


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Feb 8, 2007
Land of Swine and Maple Syrup
This is great news to hear that they are calling up historic units like the Halifax Rifles to duty. It shows the great interest in enlisting in the Reserve Army and the need for expansion. I'd like to see some of these old units that were made inactive called up to Regular service again and the expansion of the Regular force.

Former cavalry unit called to duty

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CBC News

Canada's defence minister has reactivated a Halifax-based military reserve unit that was disbanded 40 years ago, creating up to 100 part-time jobs.
The Halifax Rifles were founded in 1860 as a cavalry unit, serving in both world wars and Korea. The unit has been inactive since 1965.
Defence Minister Peter MacKay said Friday the Rifles have a distinguished history and will serve Canada well.
Brig.-Gen. Dave Neasmith said the modern version of the unit will carry out either infantry or armoured duty, but it will take time to get it up to full strength.
"About 100 folks is typically the size of a squadron in a former armoury unit, so that's basically what I'm looking at," Neasmith said in Halifax.
It will "probably take us three, four years in order to get everything up the way we like — to get them the equipment, to get them some infrastructure — so it's not something that happens overnight."
Richard Hurlburt, Nova Scotia's minister responsible for military relations, welcomed the announcement, noting it will provide part-time work for up to 100 people.
Two prime ministers, Charles Tupper and Robert Borden, were members of the Halifax Rifles. The unit's motto is "Yield to None."
Yeah I think we would all like to see the Airborne back up.

Interesting about the Halifax Rifles though.... I have an original cap badge.