History Channel's Sniper - Inside the Crosshairs

Feb has been Sniper month on the Mil Channel. It's been interesting to contrast how each service trains and utilizes these shooters and how their role has changed with the predominantly urban style combat in the Middle East vs A-stans mountainous terrain
Stepped on a few toes.

@4: The point I failed to make was the shot was so effin hard so much so that a highly trained SEAL could not hit the target.
@5: Noted
@7: Haha Hell no.
I'v watched these videos before and I had a question about a book that was referred in those videos several times.. "The Riflemen who went to War". Do Scout Snipers have to memorize this book or in just in general do Marines have to memorize it because I haven't gathered much info about it but I think its about early sniping and how it became to be.

Those videos and also other ones talked about this book.. like "one shot, one kill" on youtube.
This video has the history of early sniping and this book I'm talking about.