I would appreciate some advice...


May 11, 2010
Hey folks,

As I said in my intro, I'm 20 years old, working as a firefighter/EMT, and my goal is to be a Navy SEAL.

My plan has been to enlist this fall, but a few days ago one of my friends on the police department told me that there will be a slot opening up soon, and that I would have a really good shot at getting the job.

A big part of me really wants to get into the Navy and start heading down that path as soon as possible, but I feel that a couple years of police work could provide valuable experience and a chance to be even more well prepared.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on what might be the best course of action.
What do you really want to do? Figure that out and then focus on getting there. Follow your true dream, make it happen, don't let yourself get sidetracked and then find out 15 years from now that you passed on your true calling.

Police work and NSW are in no way remotely or even slightly the same thing - if you become a cop now, you will not enlist in the Navy, you will become career focused in the Police Force and will find reasons to not enlist. You can become a cop after you attempt NSW, it doesn't work so well the other way.

just my :2c: YMMV
I would stay out of this lane except for one thing that I absolutely know: you have to want to be a SEAL so fucking bad that you are willing to put up with arguably the toughest, longest duration mental and physical challenges in the Special Operations community. And if you find yourself wavering now, you might as well become a cop and forget about it. SEALs are some of the most locked-in overachievers around. With all due respect to LEOs, a few years of rookie police work isn't going to give you jack when it comes to becoming a SEAL.
Thanks for the honesty, that's what I was looking for.

I am in no way wavering in my desire and preparation to become SEAL, the only reason I have even considered this idea was because I thought the experience might be helpful, but I wasn't sure if it would be, which is why I asked.
Never, ever put off something that you feel strongly about doing. If you want to be a SEAL, then put everything you've got into reaching that goal, starting right now- today. Same thing if you want to be a cop. Both are honorable professions and you would be well served by joining either.
That's a tough situation to be in man. I feel your pain, and what 7.62 said is so true. About 6 years ago I had just made E-5 and received orders to BUD/S, passed all my PT tests, etc....but I was damn near at the end of my enlistment and was looking at a re-enlistment to make it feasible to take the plunge. I had a lady waiting for me at home and little sisters to look out for so I turned it down because I knew that since I was wavering at all the answer was clear. I went home and took care of my family business. On one hand I regret that shit because I was right there about to go to BUD/S and had been spending time with embarked SEALs for the past 8 months getting advice and information, and working out with them, etc. On the other hand, I know at the end of the day I was way too distracted at the time, so I got out and went on home instead of re-upping and going to BUD/S.

Both choices you are facing are honorable. Best of luck in either decision you make.
Both choices you are facing are honorable. Best of luck in either decision you make.

I couldn't have said it better.

Congratulations. You have now found a shadowspear weak point. :cool:

Whichever you decide to do, put 100% focus on your goal and don't look back.

What x SF med and Mara said - x 10. All of the above is good advice.

Figure out which one you want the most and focus on it completely.