Idema Dead

Maybe it's just me, but all of that sounds too convenient. Maybe he did have AIDs, but the "died in one will claim the body" story is just fishy.
No great loss to the Brotherhood or humanity in general. I'll believe it when someone credible verifies his demise. My personal opinion is, if true; It's one less oxygen thief walking among us.

yea I read enough on him, from his basically hijacking Robin Moore's book (I mean it has his freaking picture on the front), to his shady ways and basically going all "lone ranger" and running his own lil war that just made me dislike the guy.
Hadn't thought about that until you posted it, friend of mine had some negative interactions with him; cost him 30K plus in legal fees.

That's shitty for your friend. The only good thing if he's alive, is that the people he'd be hanging around with down there will just dump his head in a ditch when they're done with him.