I'm lost. Quick help please.


Jul 8, 2009
I knew little about the organization of everything under SOCOM and decided tonight to educate myself as I find it something to know. Notice: I've searched. Either it's never been discussed or I typed the wrong term.

Army specifically:

I understand there are five "groups". Being non-Mil I my terms are nowhere to be found. Rangers, SF, 160th, etc.

The rangers I understand very well. It's broken down into, smaller groups..

The SF is the one I don't understand.

What is an ODA? I hear about them a lot but I'm not sure what it means. Acronym aside.

Using THIS website I can see the the SF are broken down into groups. 1st to 20th.

I'm not an airsofter, nor do I get a boner from hearing Delta, but where does 1st SOFD-D fit in? A part of one of these groups or are they apart from SF all together?

I've never heard of 1st SOFD-A or well anything but D so is there anything else out there?

I'm in LE but am interested in Military Ops obviously. Personal circumstances hold me from finding out further :(

If there is a website or thread I missed point me there and I'll apologize for a possible useless thread.
Before you enter the discussion group for this site you can find all the information you're looking for. So on the Main SS there is a seperate page for each of the aforementioned Units.
After another trip to Wikipedia I think I've figured it out.

US Army Special Forces has 5 active groups and 2 National Guard groups.

Each group a certain number of ODAs. Which are the direct action force.

Then ODBs and ODCs. I understand that.

Now to go figure out the main difference in SF and Rangers. Which I won't ask.

website shed a little light:)

And Here is another one :)
I think we can safely remove the word 'possible'....

What I didn't understand was when I read ODA XXX did this or that. I was trying to figure out how that fit in with the SF.

It was after the thread that I read somewhere by accident about OD(A - C).

A quick look back into Wikipedia at something I overlooked and I figured it out.

You'll have to forgive me. I didn't come here entirely for the Mil aspect.

However, all this has made me regret not joining when I was younger :(