Intelligence community reeling after RCMP director accused of violating secrets act


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Feb 8, 2007
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Some big news coming out of Canuckistan. Specialized in Eastern Asia and had access to a fuckton of secrets. My guess is he was being groomed and about to share with his new Chinese master's.

Under the Security of Information Act, Ortis has also been charged with: Unauthorized communication of special operational information. Preparing for the commission of an offence by obtaining or gaining access to information, or possessing any device, apparatus or software used for concealing, surreptitiously communicating or obtaining information. One of the charges stems from 2015, while the others span a year, going back to September of 2018. West said it's telling that he wasn't charged under section 16 or 17 of the act, which deal with sharing information with a foreign government.
It'll be interesting to find out what his incentive was; honey trap, money, twisted political ideals? I'd guess the PRC too, offhand.
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It's Canada. He'd serve more time for refusing the COVID vax than for selling state secrets.