Aug 20, 2012
I've been in the Marine Corps for 3 years now and i am a reservist unfortunately. I am an 0621 but we just started a RIP program at my unit that i am a part of.

I joined this website because even though i do want to become Recon my ultimate goal is to make it as a MARSOC cso and hopefully find some help to better prepare myself for aspoc and a&s.
Welcome to SS. Thank you for your service, Marine. You will no doubt note that we are a little picky about proper postings. Capital "I's", upper case when needed, spelling, and the such. We all make mistakes now and again, this guy included. I thought I'd take the minute to get you on track here, it all counts. Enjoy the site.

RF 1
-Thanks redflag still trying to get used to the new phone hah.

Skrewzloose- RIP stands for Recon Indoctrination Platoon basically like a build up to better prepare us to attend the Basic Reconnaissance Course or BRC
Well firstly I would like to welcome you to our cornor of the internetz..secondly your goal of becoming part of an SOF Unit rely on Situational Awearness and part of that is I would advice you to use another avatar instead of a photo of you.
Welcome aboard Marine. Why "unfortunutly" a Reservist? You chose to sign the contract for a Reservist.

Semper Fi
Thanks everyone for the welcomings n unfortunately because i originally wanted to be an active duty 0311 and i let the recruiter convince me otherwise and also because I'm tired of being a reservist already.

And thanks for the heads up Irish it has been changed
Good to go, but you need to work on your ATD. Attention To Detail. Proper punctuation and spelling is important. We are all adults here and you are dealing with both enlisted and officers in the branch and career field you want to join. Using the correct words (and is not spelt n) can help make the right first impression. Again, welcome aboard and enjoy your time here.

Were there no Reserve infantry or weapons company units near that you could join?
Roger that but no there's only the Recon unit close to where I live. Honestly i think it's a really good unit to be with but i just want to be a CSO and go active duty.