Intro... Hola


Apr 20, 2020
Hey everyone,

I am currently a nursing student going into my senior year and have been very interested in Special Ops Surgical Team (SOST), I am a 6 year AF vet. I tried out for CCT however, I did not make it through the assessment phase as a cross trainee. Currently, 27 years working hard to finish my bachelor's degree in nursing in 3 years. (Class of 2021).

The years go fast and I am trying to get myself right and ready in all aspects as much as possible.

I am looking forward to learning words of wisdom from y'all and critical feedback if possible. The plan is currently to finish out my degree, find myself a position in either ER or ICU nurse in Chicago where I currently live to gain some experience in either field for 2 years and apply to OTS. I am aware of some of the SOST requirements and if possible would like to hear from anyone in SOST. Besides academics, I keep myself active from a various amounts of activities to include running, weight training, calisthenics, and BJJ. I do need to get myself back in a pool and rucking.

Thank y'all for allowing me to join the group.