Intro: Howdy


Dec 10, 2010
Escondido, California
Howdy all,

Spent 12 years as an infantry marine at 1/8 WpnsCo , 2/2 G co. Wpns Plt and then 2nd Mar Reg. I left due to wife aggro and joined the Army Reserves. I ended up losing the wife and getting injured during training. I come from a 3rd generation military family, my father being the longest of 35 years Navy. I found this site by doing a google search for precision rifle information. Being a former marine, I really never used a precision rifle with a scope. I had a rifle built by Surgeon Rifles on one of those TacMod SCS stocks in .308 with a US Optics, a SN-3 3.2-17X44. I thought it was an interesting build but not sure if it was the right build. I have no clue on how to achieve optimal proficiency and accuracy from my rifle. I guess I am looking for suggestions or possibly a shooting partner around the southern part of the SRC (Socialist Republic of California) I thank you all for all the knowledge that you have posted on the site and hope to be able to master my rifle.

Thank you,


US Optics? We have a member here who is one of their employees. I won't out the guy, but we do have "a few" guys here who have fired rounds at long distances. :)

Again, welcome aboard, Marine.
Not all of California is that bad. Lassen County issues CCW permits and encourages involvement. We celebrate Christmas also.