Intro (not so brief)


Sep 26, 2020
Hey Folks,

I'll preface with a note of flattery, I'm genuinely impressed with the community here and my respect continues to grow as I see how you've dealt with hopefuls such as myself. Time is a precious commodity and you all use it to help others you've never met. I guess the service continues.

(Deep inhale)

Now to go slowly downhill until you all realize I'm a dirt bag. I'm 25 years old, I dropped out of school almost 2 years ago and decided to hit the road. She beat me like a drum (no complaint here, loved it) and after a long hot shower the steam worked out a profound thought. I should do something; I should be something. So, after much musing and deliberation, I decided to start the SOF path to avoid any depression inducing regret when I've settled into a life that is heavily characterized by settling and/or paralyses by indecision.

I've been all over the spectrum researching military programs, if the military is a good fit, and having to reevaluate the sacrifice necessary to be successful in this line of work ( I wish I knew even 10%). I’ve found few answers but I guess I’m in a mood to gamble. While I've faced a fair amount of ambivalence ( especially after shaving and seeing my naked mole rat face with a nose only ol' Abe can appreciate, I thought damn maybe I should pick one that lets me grow a beard... even the girl I thought I might marry sent me back to training. Hairier the merrier? haha I digress, ) I've landed on SWCC. (Sometimes the four that comes with a ranger contract is attractive though)

I don't have an extensive history in sports, swimming, or running. I'm athletic in what I visualize to be a Rudy sort of way. I've worked in outdoor guiding, emt/ff, construction, farming and I have an A&P mechanic license. I love the outdoors and I love anything on the water. Also, from the midwest so I have a hard on for the ocean.

I went to school to become a pilot/mechanic and conveniently, half way through was convicted about debt and wasn't ready to sell my soul. So, I decided to give it to uncle Sam for free (looking for that GI bill at some point unless I find my "special purpose" ...not that "special purpose" although I may need help with that on a separate thread... continuing to digress)

Currently, I am in contact with a recruiter and en-route to meps... as soon as this rash clears up 8-)
...( I wish that was a joke). Looks like Next Tuesday is the day.

I've completed about 8 weeks of the SWCC workout plan.

My unofficial PST

Run and Swim- Low 9

Push ups- 63

Situps- 75

Pullups- 16

I know those numbers are lacking. I still feel like I have a thousand miles to go as my confidence is waning. On the bright side of the plandemic, I have been running a lot. I finished my first marathon sub 4 and the other day clocked an 8 miler at a 7:15 pace. Unfortunately my calisthenics still suck. Dropped the ball on that one, but there is always today. I'm excited to enter the DEP and am hoping to enter more of a communal stage of training. I'm looking forward to connecting with a mentor and other candidates. Next step, official pst, posting some swim videos, and am seeking out waterpolo and masters swim team. Fingers crossed as a lot of community sport platforms are slowly peeking their head out to look for their shadow (haven’t heard back from either yet).

I'm pretty sure I've read almost every available piece of info on SWCC that is accessible to the public and am still not quite sure what I'm getting myself into. This forum has been a God send, absolute gold and many of my questions have been answered already. Shout out to Arf.
I didn't even know to fear weighted treads. So there are obvious holes in my knowledge. That’s why I am here.

A few questions that still remain.

My recruiter and Navy SO mentor told me that I should pick a placeholder rate that I want as I will be sent back to this rate in the event of failure. This is in direct opposition to what I’ve read. Should I just pick one with the longest DEP window?

Should I incorporate rucking into my training? I'm currently not. Where do I need to be?

How much emphasis should I put on hypoxic training? In the pool? I'd say i'm relatively comfortable in the water, but I still fear underwater evolutions. Hearing Arf talk about folks passing out makes me feel a little squeamish, I definitely want to be on the right side of the statistics curve on that one.

Appreciate the time.