May 19, 2011
Hey I'm currently in college and have plans to join the Marine Corps when I am out. My cousin is in the Marines and is a Scout/Sniper and in Recon, but I don't get to talk to him much. I joined this site to learn more about the Marine Corps and specifically about Recon Marines and MARSOC. I'm excited to be apart of this site now and hope you all can help me out with my questions! Thanks for all you guys do.

I hope you learned something ;)

Welcome aboard!

Apart from embracing the gay, Marines are good to go in my book.
Yes I did learn thank you! And.. haha whatever you say :thumbsup:

You're welcome and great reply BTW.

Better to get your ass chewed here than by a DI right?

There have been/are one or two qualified DI's/DS's on Shadowspear (myself included), so you should be thinking as of right now that your career has started and act appropriately.

The post I quoted was exactly what I hoped you'd respond with. ;)