Solid Snake

Oct 19, 2019
Evening gents,

I am 24 year old male, 6ft 205 lbs with an active interest military gear collection as well as era based tactics and formations, with my main focus being in the vietnam era. I actually own a pair of advisor yellow tigers.
Naturally this led me to seeking a career with the armed forces.
I'm planning on joining the National Guard in California and have already gotten in contact with an 18D from the 19th sfg.
I have no prior experience and plan on going REP-63 straight out of basic.
The only thing really holding me back is getting in shape and strength building so I have the best shot at being selected.
My main motivation into joining the special forces is because it is a major challenge, and forces me to be at the peak of my physical conditioning.
I crave challenge. I crave high stakes decision making. I desire the honor that comes with the Beret. I desire to be broken and carved into the greatest man that I can be.
All rhetoric aside, out of all of the missions of SOCOM, I highly admire the the special forces mission the most. I love how the end goal is peace. I love learning about others cultures, especially considering I am a christian turned hindu.
Most importantly, I love people, and I greatly desire being a protector to those who cannot protect themselves.


Oct 19, 2019
Hello Fellow Newbie,

I admire your drive to follow through with your dream. I wish you the best in your journey and sincerely hope you accomplish your goals.