Feb 7, 2009
Far corner of the Pacific NW - USA

I must apologize, I thought I'd posted an intro when I joined the group sometime back, but I guess somehow I missed doing so. I guess since until tonight I'd only been lurking, then no harm - no foul. ;)

I briefly served in the U.S. Army (11B) during the 1st Gulf War (stateside - Ft. Benning) before a training accident, that turned into the early stages of gangryne (& nearly cost my leg from the knee down), cost me a career ..... I still have the leg.

Since then I've worked the security field (private & homeland transportation), but I'm planning to ramp it up a bit, beginning with going back to school this summer to earn a 2 year Associates Degree in Administration of Justice, with the goal of a B.A. & a more satisfying career in law enforcement.
I haven't decided upon what direction the B.A. will go, I'm researching the possibilities (one being available degrees in Intelligence Analyzing). Well, one step at a time. I don't wish to get a head of myself, and right now will be concentrating on first obtaining the Associates Degree (the rest I will take care of when the time is right). ;)

I'm glad to be here. I've always had great respect for our men & women in uniform, especially the Special Operations / Covert Services. Some of the best people I met at Benning were Rangers, & I have very fond memories of chance encounter with a Special Forces Captain & Sergeant one afternoon. :D

Well, thanks for having me on board! :)
Welcome again.

You probably did do a welcome thread at one time. Sometimes the mods/admin of this place work a little and delete threads. Mostly the Gen Discussion and sometimes, occasionally they delete Intro threads... :D

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