Introduction - Hello Everyone!


Jun 23, 2020
Good Day All,

First off, it is my privilege to be around everyone in this forum and community! Special thanks to the creators and moderators of this forum. I'm sure there are many that are getting so much out of this.

I am a 26 year-old male originally from Bangladesh that served in the Marines for about six years (five years active) specializing in intelligence and MAGTF operations from the strategic to tactical level. Briefing and debriefing regarding red/blue forces was my specialty, as well as cyber threat intelligence (reach out to me if anyone needs any assistance regarding this) for USCYBERCOM.

I am currently a federal contractor for the government and work full-fledged cyber security in DC (White House, Pentagon) and am attending school part-time.

I am an MMA enthusiast and love to play basketball. I am also a resource bank and love to help veterans with resume/career opportunities for them to maximize their potential.

At the moment, I ran into this forum a few months back trying to find answers to some questions I had over the years. I am currently in IRR and my heart is still with the military. One of my last aspirations is to see if I am able to lat-move from 02xx field to ultimately one day become an 0321 recon Marine on the reserves side, and see how I can contribute to that community for as long as I am able. I am currently digging through this forum for answers, in the meantime learning about a lot of you amazing service members/vets!

Thank you very much for taking a minute to read my introduction. I hope to learn from every single one of you...and to reciprocate the effort.