Verified Military
Oct 6, 2011
I was an 0351 (infantry assaultman) in the Marine Corps. and I was in 3/8. I deployed to Iraq in 2006 and Afghanistan in 2008. I am becoming a member of this site because I will ultimately be attending either MARSOC A&S or Special Forces SFAS and I would like to be as well informed as I can be. I got out of the Marine Corps. in July 2009.

I probably won't post much I'm just here to learn!

A good Intro and good luck with your future plans. There is lots of information on here to read but if you can't find what you're looking for, don't be afraid to ask a question. Oh and don't feed the Troll...
All over. I was with the Force platoon at the time. We spent a lot of time in Nowzad but operated all across Helmand and Farah. We spent more time there with 2/7 than we did with 3/8 though.