Aug 5, 2016
Greetings to all,

I am a 20 y/o male poolee currently enlisted in the USMC with a tentative ship date of October 24, 2016. I am seeking the UH (03XX - Infantry) option. I have shared a lifelong ambition of serving in the Marine Corps with my twin brother. My first attempt at enlistment was as a 17 y/0 together with him. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with a perforated right eardrum during a MEPS consult and DQ'ed from enlistment. Two and a half years, one minor surgery, four waiver packages, and one letter of inquiry mailed to the C/O of Navy BUMED, and I have finally gotten my opportunity to earn the title and serve beside my brother, who currently serves an 0352 stationed in CA.

As far as my aspirations in the military, they are currently focused on being the most capable poolee I can be. Soon it will be Recruit, then hopefully on to Infantryman. I once was more close-minded on pursuing the goal of Marine SOF, particularly the Reconnaissance community, but I have since learned that the best thing to focus on is the here and now. I want to be the most capable asset to the Corps that I can possibly be. If I earn the title, and if I feel that the SOF community is the best place to do that, then I am prepared to go after that goal with all of the determination and open minded-ness I can bring to bear.

In the meantime, I am currently employed as an EMT-B on an ALS unit in the private sector.

I would like to thank all veterans and LEO's aboard the site for their service and sacrifice. I would also like to thank all of the moderators and site staff for their time and efforts in managing this forum. I have used a variety of similar sites to further my knowledge on everything from load data to how to poach a damned egg and I have never come across another forum as well-disciplined and informative as this one. This is an amazing resource for an amazing community and I am humbled to be even a small and insignificant part of it.

I hope I have left a pertinent introduction and would be happy to make any necessary changes. Thank you again.

Welcome to SS.

You've had a tough go of it, and I'm glad you will be able to ship in a few months. Congratulations on staying with it.
Welcome aboard. You can volunteer for recon at SOI if you make it that far.

Thank you sir for your reply, I greatly value your input. I am currently in the process of reading and re-reading many of your contributions to the site, as well as others', in order to best understand the routes one may take to earn a slot at BRPC/BRC.
Go do PT.
ALWAYS listen to Teufel about the USMC, he knows things.

Thank you sir, brutal PT was done today. Understood, I have lurked many of his contributions in the past and gleaned more than a little from them.
Welcome to SS.

You've had a tough go of it, and I'm glad you will be able to ship in a few months. Congratulations on staying with it.

Thank you very much sir, it was a stressful and frustrating two and half years but the only thing I can do is harness them and use the experience as motivation in my future endeavours.
You showed persistence overcoming the eardrum issue. That quality will help you surmount the coming challenges. Good luck.