Mar 28, 2017
Hey everyone. Just a little (actually it's kinda long now that I think about it) introduction of myself right here:

I'm currently a Lance Corporal in the USMC Reserves. My MOS is 0411, Maintenance Management Specialist. I plan on retiring out of the Reserves, and I definitely plan on changing my MOS. I've been in since August 2013. I wanted to go active duty, however, pressure from my parents pretty much is what made me go the Reserve route, go to college, and become an Officer. I met my fiancée and joined the local Sheriff's Office. After realizing how much I hated college, I started to put in a packet to go to MARSOC A&S. After pushing myself to my limit in physical and mental preparation for that, I did what any grown man would do. I sat down, and weighed the pros and cons of going active duty MARSOC vs staying Reserve and being a police officer. So now here I am, about 3.5 years in the Marine Corps, with no deployments and hungry for more than what I've been getting.

I found this forum and joined it to be able to connect with fellow military personnel and law enforcement officers. I have several questions, which of course I'll save for later posts in the correct forums. I look forward to meeting y'all.