Aug 15, 2017
Hello All,

Currently I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nellis AFB was the last duty station, where my parents served before they both retired. I have just graduated with my associates degree and now aspire to enlist in the Air Force. I have contacted my recruiter, and have just briefly began the process of becoming an Airmen.

Since I started my college career, I always knew that the military is definitely something I wanted to pursue.
After doing a lot of research, and seeking the right people for guidance and advice, I have chosen to pursue a career as a TACP (ROMAD) Airman. I understand, The ShadowSpear community has guys vetted throughout the website who possess a great deal of knowledge. My goal is to continually to be informed and pick anybody's brain who has been before me or understands what I will be going through. I've seen mentor groups and would like to become apart of one as soon as I am deemed eligible.

I pass the JTAC qualification school here on Nellis, every time I'm on the way to the gym, it ultimately humbles me and motivates me, it allows me to set a realistic goal of becoming JTAC.

The main reason why I have chosen to pursue a career as battlefield airman, in particular my girlfriend of 5 years now, her father has been a career TACP/JTAC, with 17 years of service. He explained there's no experience quite as unique as becoming a TACP. From the small community and brotherhood, to the opportunities in schools you're allowed to volunteer for, and for the most part being stationed with Army guys. He explained his experience as being an outsider, because although you belong to the Air Force, the Army is who you will be serving your time with. As he said it, you're on the outside looking in at both branches. Visiting there family down in Fort Hood, Texas and seeing him walk out with his JTAC patch. Gave me more then enough, to want to volunteer for this career.

Thank you to all who have served and who laid the foundation for me today!

Sorry for the long post!