Verified Military
Jul 16, 2018
Hello everybody! As my name states, I'm nothing special.

I served in the USAR as an MP (OIF 07-08), then as a DS (Task Force Marshal training Navy IMA). I also served as a local Sheriff's Deputy for two years.
I then took a detour and went to seminary and got ordained.
My wife and kids and I have been living in the Middle East for the last 3 years. We've been helping refugees, learning Arabic, and basically doing your run-of-the-mill visiting/counseling/loving/sharing our faith thing.
I'm hoping to go back into the Army as an Airborne Chaplain. So I will not be an operator in the same way as you great folks. However, I do want to train with, deploy alongside of, and serve this great SOF community in any way I can.

Lord knows where I'll end up, but I'm looking forward to listening and learning from the best.
I'm here to help in any way I can, but I don't expect to make many posts here. I'm just happy to be here.