Feb 10, 2020
I've been an anonymous reader of the forum for a while now, but figured it was time to join. I've had aspirations to join the military for as long as I can remember. Currently enrolled in a four year engineering program and I'm in my junior year. I don't want to look back in life and realize I made a mistake by not joining the military, so I've decided to make that happen once I graduate. I had tried to gain acceptance into one of the service academies, but was medically disqualified once I tore my rotator cuff playing football my senior year of high school. Sucks because I was fairly certain I was getting the nomination but that's in the past. I can get a waiver for my shoulder now with no problem as it's better than it was before with no screws and what not. I look at my timeline as a year and a half before I join. If I've learned anything in life thus far it's to know that any good plan can and most likely will go to shit, so being ready and aware of that fact is crucial at this point. Looking forward to gaining crucial advice on the forum and learning from everyone. Thanks for having me.