Sep 16, 2010
Greetings, all!

I started out in the Navy back in 1967, took a commission in the Marine Corps in 1971 and lasted until they showed me out in '82. So I joined the National Guard as a sergeant and served in 29th Div (L) until I moved to Fort Huachuca and had to transfer to the USAR. Last 15 years in were as a MSG, hence the screen name. (Never had much interest in being a CSM and worrying about the CO's itch-du-jour, so I never bothered to submit a packet.) Retired in March of this year with just shy of 43 years, all of which was as infantry in some form or another. The powers-that-be saw fit to reinstate my officer rank upon retirement, so I am now a captain again. Woo-hoo!

Served in all four Marine Divisions in infantry and recon units, got assigned to the 7th SFG for a while as well as SEAL Team Two as the big green machine's contribution to a joint unit.

Biggest claims to fame are that I have known both Mike Mullen and Oliver North since 1967 and was North's XO on Okinawa at the Jungle Warfare School in '74-'75. Came home just after we evacuated Saigon and Phnom Penh and went after the Mayaguez.

Done four tours in Iraq, first as an advisor to the Iraqi Army (reminded me of the Viets...without the work ethic) then working Counter-IED stuff with JIEDDO and TF Troy.

Looking forward to reading the forums and making some new acquaintances. Any questions, feel free to ask.