Iranian team: A Study in Excellence

A meticulously planned attack? They blew themselves up, didn't execute there attack and all got caught.

I might define "meticulously planned" a little differently then the author of that piece. The only thing I see from the article that was meticulously planned was the time they spent boozing and getting laid.:D
I actually just read the article above, and that title is way better than the title of this thread:

Iranian suspects cavorted with sex workers before Bangkok bombings

"smh".com is right.
There was a group of terrorists in the 70's called the Weathermen and they were good at blowing things up and the police were not very good at catching them at the time. They developed a plot to blow up part of Fort Dix and got some of the detonators from a military source. Later that week all the bomb makers and bomb house exploded mysteriously. The government said they were probably faulty detonators. The rumor or conspiracy mill said the Government couldn't catch them so they detonated them. Just a story I am sure.
And then all the survivors became pony-tailed liberal university professors, guest speakers at Democrat conventions and White House advisors.