Irish Defence Forces biggest logistical operation to date


Oct 16, 2007
Giant ship sets sail with vital equipment for Chad troops

Wednesday March 26 2008

A cargo ship left Dublin Port early today with enough supplies to equip an Irish battalion of 400 soldiers in the Chad desert for four months.

It is the Defence Forces' biggest logistics operation -- 16 heavy Mowag armoured vehicles rumbled on to the MV Zeran in Dublin Port yesterday.

They were followed by 58 other vehicles ranging from earthmoving bulldozers to trucks and ambulances, along with 3,300 tonnes of equipment.

Weapons, food, water, ammunition, night vision equipment, beds, air conditioning, toilets, a doctor's surgery and photocopiers were among theitems loaded on to the giant ship.

The cargo included everything the troops serving with the EUFOR Chad/CAR mission need to live and operate for four months. The mission involves protecting 400,000 refugees.

A spokesman for the Defence Forces said the equipment is for the main body of 372 soldiers of the 97 Infantry Battalion who will travel to Chad in April. Members of the Army Ranger Wing went out in February.

The ship set off for the Netherlands where it will pick up equipment for 60 Dutch marines who will work with the Irish troops. It is due in Cameroon between April 11-13. The equipment will then be moved overland 2,500km to the battalion campsite at Goz Beida in southeastern Chad where a camp will be built.

- Don Lavery

Seems like this mission in Chad is really going to be a ground-breaking one for the Defence Forces!A Defence Forces Lt.Gen. is commander of the 3,700 strong EU force;the Army Ranger Wing are deployed on probably their toughest mission to date;the Defence Forces are undertaking their toughest ever logistical op,and in general,the Defence Forces are undertaking probably their toughest assignment yet..if this mission is a success,I think it will be a major benefit to the organisation and it's people.

So,here's to all our people staying safe and getting things done!:)