Joining up.


Super Ninja magic man
Nov 21, 2008
well I've finally decided to enlist in the Army. I was thinking of joining the Navy with the intention of being a SEAL; But after reading more about Army SF I became intrigued. It seems like the job for me, I get to learn new languages (I'm fluent in Spanish and am learning German), I experience other cultures other then my own, and I still get to carry a gun and kick doors in(why I wanted to be a Seal). Being in Special Operations has been a life long dream for me ever since I can remember I knew what I wanted to be. Now I get the chance to live my dream, I know it's a long difficult road but I know I can make it. Failing is not what I intend to do. :)
I wish you the best in your endeavors. Luck's not going to have a damn thing to do with it, it's going to take hard work and determination.

Again, all the best.
Amen, RK.

Identify your 25m target, accomplish that, and then move on. You'll end up where you are best suited.

You've chosen a long hard road full of PT and studying. Don't forget to enjoy life a little, but only a little - don't let it detract from your studying and PT.

Best wishes and keep us informed of your progress!
"Best"... "Luck"... same difference to me.:cool: Rephrase: "I wish you the best in all of your endeavors..."
If and when you pass SFAS remember not to answer "Why do you want to be a special forces soldier?''...With "cause I wanna get fat and put my hands in my pockets." That is unless you want eternal respect from your classmates!