Knuckleball's Intro

lol, that sucks, I can only imagine the endless working parties that ensued. Anyways welcome to the awesomest site on the internet.

Well, the work parties weren't so bad. They always told you the objective prior to getting started. All I had to do was get going and get done. The on the spot corrections are the ones that got me. Every little thing was an offense punishable by a good smoking and with 63 sharks swimming around you all of the time, they're going to find something. Eventually they just started messing with me for things like the coffee pot being empty (I didn't drink coffee) or something like that. After a year or so of that, I went to an MI Brigade and wondered how everyone could be so relaxed. There were PFCs saying, "Hey Sergeant such and such, we going out for beers tonight?" I was mortified, but I learned how to balance it out. Japan was a great place to be for a soldier. It was an awesome place to live until the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster on 3/11/11. That earthquake sucked.