Looking for Mentor SF


Oct 16, 2022

I am currently a civilian, with a college degree, and 24 years old. I am looking to start the process of joining the army- specifically for Special Forces. So far I am setting up tutoring for the ASVAB to work toward the required score, and starting with a personal trainer to get in better shape (I need to gain more muscle and endurance). I have talked to the recruiters in my area and mentioned being interested in SF but I want to make sure that is stressed in what I am interested in.

I am looking for a mentor, or to join this community in hopes of being guided in the right direction and to be prepared in any way that I can be successful. Since I am a civilian, I have been doing research to make sure this is a decision I am ready for and to become more knowledgeable about what I need to prepare for, but would appreciate help from members wanting to pass on their knowledge. I am ready to dedicate the time to training for this mentally and physically, and excited to begin this process.