Marine issued retrial in Iran


Feb 7, 2012
In it's latest dog and pony show, Iran showcases the integrity and structural efficiency of its bureaucratic system in suspending the execution sentenced to a former Marine accused of espionage and issuing him a retrial, citing a lack of evidentiary support for the initial ruling.

They never planned to kill this guy. Just another well-crafted international media miniseries, drowning out any trace of whatever actually transpired, most disappointing of which being the main factors and determinants for how they played this. I wonder if those parliamentary elections had anything to do with it.

Anyone have any thoughts on what they're trying to communicate? What they're not?

Link to NYT article:
Another act of terrorism backed up with some inane gesture to show how nice and right they think they are. In other words, insanity2
Wonder if the constant US rescue of Iranian boats from Somali pirates might be having some effect in this regard?