Marine2Medicine Intro, Learning about Medical Corps Options


Verified Military
May 27, 2020
Hi All,

I'm a former USMC Sgt musician, audio engineer, and shooting instructor. HAHA BAND GEEK! I know... I felt the same way. In an attempt to pursue something a bit more *ahem* "Marine like," I went MECEP to go the officer route.

Long story cut short I broke my everything early into OCS, had to get surgery to fix the everything I broke at OCS, then was given a three year recovery and retraining timeline to go back to OCS... No thanks... Not when I can separate and go to college, then have the option to pursue whatever to include another go at OCS on the same timeline but with a three year earlier potential commissioning date (already done with school).

Anyway, school is for the cool kids and the medical system during my recovery was fascinating so here I am in medical school, still with that itch to do the more "Marine like" things i.e. forward and field stuff.

I'm here hoping to learn about medical officer options like FST, JMAU, SOST, and thinks of the like in support of the SF community. I'm trying to NOT be planted full-time in a military hospital to do the same job I would civilian side while being paid pittance in comparison. If I'm going to join the elite community of the lowest paid physicians in the US, I want to get the assignment I'm looking for!

Thanks for the warm welcome!