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The test site ran smoothly, but we hit some technical barriers when we went live. Rather than drawing you to an all-pro looking site with links to dead-ends, we pulled the site back down for revisions. It should be back up and running within a working day or so. I'll keep you posted.

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Maj. Gilmore
Maj Gilmore-
Looks much better. Please check your PMs.

BTW, I had the opportunity to meet Maj Gilmore today. Good guy, I told him he just needed to post more. :D
personally, i think marsoc is a better place without him. he's an OPSEC nightmare. i mean, seriously, just look at his public profile.
personally, i think marsoc is a better place without him. he's an OPSEC nightmare. i mean, seriously, just look at his public profile.

He was a PAO, not an operator. He was doing his job. What's the big deal?
I leave for the Navy at the end of August to become a Corpsman. I have visited the MARSOC site quite a bit but I have found very little info on how Corpsmen would apply and what training they would go through. Do corpsmen go through the Individual training like marines do or is their training diffrent? I am intersted in screening for SARC at A- school, is it possible for SARC's to request to go to MARSOC after their training or do they have to serve with a Recon battalion first? Is being a SARC a requirement to join MARSOC if not can 8404 Corpsmen screen for MARSOC during Corpsmen A- school or field med?
Screening and training

Male graduates of Field Medical Service School, hospitalman to hospital corpsman 2nd class, who are currently serving with a Marine Corps unit may attend the screening. Candidates must have a current ASVABgeneral technical score of 100 or higher, the last three physical fitness assessments and be able to achieve a first class swim qualification. A commanding officer endorsement is also required, no non-judicial punishments for 12 months and no court-martials for 24 months. The extensive training requires a commitment to serve as a recon corpsman for a minimum of three years.
Qualified recon corpsmen are sent to a "Marines Awaiting Reconnaissance Training" (MART) platoon at Camp Pendleton, CA where they train continuously. Once a corpsman passes the screening criteria, he must attend the 13-week Basic Reconnaissance Course at Camp Pendleton, CA. After BRC, the corpsman must complete training schools that include the United States Marine Corps Combatant Diver Course, Army Basic Airborne School and Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman Course.[1]
Occupational Classification

After completion of Phase 1-6 listed below, corpsman holding the NEC 8404 will be awarded the NEC 8427. All other personnel will be able to perform as a qualified inside tender.[2]
  1. NEC 8404 Fleet Marine School graduate
  2. Basic Reconnaissance School MOS (0321) (9 weeks)
  3. Marine Combatant Dive School (7 weeks)
  4. Amphibious Reconnaissance Course (3 weeks)
  5. US Army Special Operations Combatant Medic course (36 weeks)
  6. US Army Basic Airborne School (3 weeks). Sailors possessing NEC 8404 will be awarded NEC 8427.
  7. US Army Special Operations Combat Medic ADSOCM (24 weeks). Sailors holding the NEC 8427 will be awarded NEC 8403.

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