Meaning of MSOB emblem?

My semi-educated guess is the stiletto is a SOF heraldry thing and the stars appear to come from the 1st Marine Division patch/ insignia which I think is the Southern Cross from when the Division was in Australia before the invasion of Guadalcanal.
Don't know about the sword, but I'm pretty sure the stars are a throwback to the Marine Raider days of WW 2. The Raiders are considered the 1st "special ops" guys in the Corps.
From Wikipedia

"The U.S. Marine Raider Stiletto was the first knife in United States Marine Corps history to be designed by a U.S. Marine Corps officer, the then Lieutenant Colonel Clifford H. Shuey, who retired as a Brigadier General and was formerly in charge of the Engineer Division at Headquarters Marine Corps. The knife was designed in 1942 and officially issued to the Marines.[1]"

And Freefalling has it right The Star constellation is the Southern Cross from Guadalcanal