Minneapolis to ban 'warrior' training for police, Mayor Jacob Frey says


Sep 12, 2012
Especially curious what the LEO's on the board think about this. The mayor claims this type of training contributes to police paranoia and an itchy trigger finger.

Minneapolis to ban 'warrior' training for police, Mayor Jacob Frey says

Minneapolis police officers will no longer be permitted to participate in "warrior"-style training, even on their own time.

To a roomful of applauding city leaders at Bio-Techne, a lab in northeast Minneapolis, Frey said he believes Minneapolis will be the first city to eliminate "fear-based training" in the country, and the new policy will take effect immediately.

Warrior training teaches officers to perceive threats all around them. This school of policing came under scrutiny in the Twin Cities after revelations that Jeronimo Yanez — the former St. Anthony officer who shot and killed Philando Castile during a routine traffic stop in 2016 — had taken classes on it. Nationally, critics say this school of policing creates a higher likelihood for an unnecessary use-of-force encounter with the public.
Once again, another knee jerk reaction by leaders to placate the population biased against LE and maintain their constituency into the next election.

It's bad enough officers from around the country are being ambushed and murdered while in service. It's worse when they least expect it, while filling out reports, eating or at their homes. Even at their district PD's.

So, let's take a program, with a military sounding name, which can increase an officers self awareness of conditions and situations around him away, possibly reducing their percentages of survivability :rolleyes:

Almost everyone of these situations boils down to one thing - compliance. In almost every case I've seen or had knowledge of, non compliance by a subject, has most times been the root cause.

The latest being Charlotte, where the subject was threatening patrons and staff inside a BK. When they arrived, they were alerted the subject was armed. He was told at least 20 times (Yes, 20) to drop the weapon. He didn't. The officer then perceived him as a threat to her and others and did what officers fear more than anything, and that's having to use utilize deadly force.

The body cam footage was released, but no one in the community cares about his non compliance. Only that cops are bad and it it's their fault once again for this "Needless sense of violence"

Officer Survival is (Or should be) at the forefront of anyone who suits up in Blue.

I find that to be embarrassing. What does he want...sissy training perhaps? Let's turn our LE into pansies then and maybe it will get better for his city.
I think the biggest part of it is that the scared people which IMO includes the good Mayor are simply afraid of the term "Warrior" because they are intimidated by it. I actually find that part comical. I wonder what he wants to show up at his door when the boogeyman shows up at his house at 0200 and he is too afraid to go outside and confront him. Does he want a coward or a Warrior? Huh, maybe he wants someone like himself to show up there so they can console each other.

As you can probably tell, I am tired of the cowardly environment that our society is becoming.
The dipshits running Minneapolis and the people that put them there are quickly trying to turn the city into Seattle and San Francisco. And to announce this during the high profile Noor trial - I fucking hate it. Not sure he can ban what people do om their own time but we'll see. Either way, another example of the pussification of America.
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Fucking civilians just don't get it. They'll never understand life on the sharp edge.

Read up about Hank Earl Carr and the day he escaped from handcuffs in the back of a Tampa detective's vehicle, grabbed one of the detective's guns, shot and killed both detectives, stole their keys, unlocked the trunk, retrieved his SKS, (with which he'd shot and killed a four year old boy) carjacked a truck, got on the interstate, drove 30 miles; a Florida Highway Patrolman got on his tail, Carr stopped on an exit ramp, got out with his SKS, shot the trooper through the windshield, killing him instantly, got back in the truck and back on the interstate, shot and wounded a truck driver, led cops on another 30 mile chase, got off at a gas station, took a hostage, withstood a siege from hundreds of LEOs and eventually put a bullet in his own brain robbing cops of the satisfaction of revenge.

Carr had a handcuff key on a chain around his neck. The detectives had handcuffed him in the front, they'd had him in a car that lacked a cage...and the rookie trooper died with his gun in his holster.

LEOs need all the "warrior" training they can get.
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Following the Banning of ‘Warrior Training’ – Minneapolis Police Will Be Provided Free Training by Law Officer

Law Officer, an industry leader in law enforcement training and news is providing free training to the members of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis which includes members of the Minneapolis Police Department.

The decision to provide the training, consisting of a wide variety of law enforcement topics including officer survival, leadership, fitness, de-escalation and emergency vehicle operations, came following the decision by Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey to ban all forms of ‘Warrior’ training for Minneapolis officers both on duty and during their personal time.

Director of Training for Law Officer, Travis Yates says that “it is both an honor and privilege to provide the heroes of the Minneapolis Police Department daily training that can ensure they will return home each day to their family regardless of the dangers that they may face and the ignorance of some politicians.”

Lt. Bob Kroll, the president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, thanked Law Officer for providing the training and for defying the demands of Mayor Frey.
Fuck that guy.

A few years ago, our chief paid for the entire team to attend LTC Grossman's lecture. Time well spent.

Definitely time and money well spent!!

I see a couple issues. One is use of the word warrior as a relates to the argument of militarization of law enforcement. Words mean things.

Two, every tool you can get in your tool kit that can deescalate a situation where does not end in violence, especially the taking of a life, allowing the good guys to go home at night is a good thing.

While I never walk the beat or drove a patrol car, once upon a time I did have to go through BLET so I could be a sworn member of the tactical team even though my role was strictly tactical medic.
More on @Centermass 's post:

Minneapolis police union offers free 'warrior' training, in defiance of mayor's ban

In open defiance of Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, the union that represents the city’s roughly 900 rank-and-file police officers announced that it is partnering with a national police organization to offer free “warrior-style” training for any officer who wants it.

According to a news release posted to the website The Law Officer, the free online training — valued at $55,000 a year — is offered to officers for as long as Frey remains mayor. The training, which covers a range of issues, from “officer survival” and leadership to fitness and de-escalation, was designed to ensure that officers could “return home each day to their family regardless of the dangers that they may face and the ignorance of some politicians,” the release said.

The announcement comes in response to Frey’s ban of the popular training style, which he first revealed in his State of the City address last week. Frey said at the time that Minneapolis would become the first department in the country to eliminate “fear-based” training.
Here we go again! Pacify the growing population of cop haters and create an environment for the criminal element to flourish.

I'm happy to see the offer made by The Law Officer and I hope these officers take them up on it.

What we need is an end to this entitlement mindset that has become a cancer to our society. Go back to teaching citizenship, starting at home, and for those who aren't getting it at home teach it in the schools.
I'll weigh in on this since I grew up in Minneapolis-St.Paul and spent the first 18 years of my life there, left for my first active duty tour, returned for college there, then left for grad school, my 2nd AD tour and never looked back. Taken out of context, this issue by the Mayor seems bizarre. In context it isn't. First that place is controlled by the DFL (Dem-Farmer-Labor). A group that espouses all the craziness you read about when you read about Minnesota. There are some conservatives up there (where the beacon of sanity is found) but they are simply tolerated and the most conservative in Minnesota is still less conservative than a southern democrat.
Early in college I was approached by a student activist and asked to sign a petition about the GI bill. Since I was wearing my BDU jacket with my SF tab etc he may have targeted me but I thought I'd help out some vets. When I asked him what the petition was for, he said and I quote: "this is to give EVERYONE on campus the GI bill". I said, hell no, go join the military and EARN the damn GI bill. This was to be the first of many run-ins on that campus for me. Also one of the political science profs used to say: if socialism is to get a foothold in the USA, it'll start in Minnesota! Also, the U of M was proud to state openly that one of its' physics profs was an avowed socialist and was the only one allowed to teach socialism/communism at the U of M at Minneapolis, he took that position away from the political science profs!
This is the state that gave us: Al Franken (who was NOT a resident of Minnesota but was helped by the DFL in winning a seat in congress from that state), Keith Ellison (now attorney general for Minn but a very far left progressive from Michigan, who came to Minn because he didn't think Mich was progressive enough, attended law school and racked up numerous parking tickets that over the years he refused to pay and it was a sore point for him since it dogged him continuously). Needless to say as a good Muslim his friendship with Louis Farakan, as well as with groups funding jihad against the USA (there is a picture of him in the middle east with one of those financiers) and his treatment of women cost him his position in congress. But the good people of Minnesota didn't hold that against him that's why they elected him recently to the AG spot.
The Minneapolis campus of the U of M had a student housing area across the Mississippi River and across from the main campus. It was huge and very well appointed and liked by students, it was like a small self contained village. The good citizens of Minneapolis emptied out the housing, kicked the students out and gave that area to the Somali immigrants ie Rep Omar. Now known as 'little mogadishu' it has rampant crime but the residents have pre-paid credit cards from the good citizens of Minnesota so they can't claim poverty but can pay for their housing, cars, food and financially help family members back in Somalia who couldn't sneak into the USA/Minnesota with other family members like some would say Rep Omar did by marrying her brother then divorcing him once he got here. You think the craziness stops there, not so.
Recently an Iranian Muslim convert to Christianity came to Mpls and went to the Mall of Americas. He had a discussion with some Somali women about religion. Another Somali woman came by, heard them talking about Islam-Christianity, called the mall security and said they were discussing religion. The Iranian was held for a few hours in security, had his phone taken away, was taken to the county jail and held without charges, wasn't able to contact his lawyer or loved ones and after some hours was released (this was written in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune paper). Better yet was when Somali taxi drivers at the Minn airport would refuse to pick up a passenger carrying alcoholic beverages since they said it is against their religion to be around alcohol. The city council of Minneapolis was tongue-tied trying to defend the Somali drivers but also the 'right' to buy alcohol and have it in a public taxi. You can't make this craziness up, it's real and it's going to get worse.
In 2017 there were 7 politicians running for the city council of Minneapolis, and they ALL stated that they could see getting rid of the police force in Minneapolis since they felt the police are the problem. Or what about the single lady, who was found out by the Somali male community that she lived alone, a few males came to her yard and protested openly her 'life style'. She called the Minneapolis police for help, she was told 'don't make the protestors angry or mad' and after a 45 minute wait the cops showed up. There are some sane folks up there, but they are few and far between. As I say now; northern by birth, southern by choice.