Missions Leave No Soldier Behind In Afghanistan


SOF Support
Sep 8, 2006
An excellent article that talks about one of the missions the rescue squadrons have here. While the majority of their work is in the form of Joint Expeditionary Taskings, they still retain the core skill sets found in CSAR. This article goes to show what one mission took in order to return one of our deceased.


Blue Skies.
Amazing work these guys do. I'll fight that much harder knowing someone will be there to get me or my guys out in case something bad happens.
That others, So others- whats the difference, right? KIDDING.

On a serious note, I dont think enough can be said about the helo pilots and crew in situations like these. Some people may think, and even say, that "an aircraft is just a taxi! you are part of a mission like a parent giving a ride to a prom goer is part of the dance!" (actual quote from a specops friend of mine). I disagree, and stories like this make that abundantly clear. I take the POW/MIA mission and history very seriously, and stuff like this makes the room i am in very, VERY dusty.

Keep up the good work guys.