Modern Day Rifleman Virtual Summit

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Jan 29, 2013

Modern Day Sniper (Caylen Wojcik and Phillip Velayo) is putting on a virtual summit, with recorded interviews and talks from some of the leading SME's within the long range, precision shooting community.

Videos are available for free, but each day's videos are only accessible for 24 hours each (unless you pay - then you get to keep access to them forever).

Today is the first day, here's the lineup:
  • Caylen and Phillip: Modern Day Sniper founders
  • Jayden Quinlan: Hornady Ballistician
  • Regina Milkovitch: Professional Shooter
  • Zak Smith and Ray Sanchez: Thumder Beast Arms founders
  • Colton Bagnoli: Hunting Guide / LE Sniper

Here's the link to today's videos.

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