Mom of son wanting to become Para Rescue

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Jan 24, 2010
Hi-I am proud mom of a seventeen year old son that will graduate Grizzly Youth Academy this July. He wants to join the Air Force and hopes to become a Pararescue some day. My son does not have internet access and will have little phone contact, much like Basic Traiining access while his away, so letters from home are is main info from outside.
He will have 3 PT tests while he is at Grizzly these 5 months. Unfortunately, they have no pool, so he will be unable to practice his swim skills until he comes home in July.
How long between the time my son goes to MEPS and when he has to take the PT test for pararescue indoc?

I copied the Pararescue creed for him to keep his eye on the goal in my last letter.


Welcome! I had young soldier who went through a similar program before he joined the National Guard. He deployed with us to Iraq and was one of the better soldiers I had. I am a strong supporter of these programs because of this soldier. I am sure your son will do very well and this program will help him greatly in his future goals.
You remind me of my own mom. It's good to see you're supporting him like you do. We are always in need a quality PJs, so as long as your son applies himself 100%, we'll be working together someday. Welcome to the site.

Thank you for your support of your son's future career.

Please don't hesitate to utilize us for any answers you, yourself might have as to his future, too. We're a friendly bunch.

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