My former history teacher had a very strict workout regiment...He was part of a (special team)...


Aug 26, 2019
My middle school history teacher would put notes up for us to copy and then do 300 pushups daily, marking them on the board as he went. He said that he had joined a special military unit, and once told a story of having to bunker down and hide for nearly 4 days behind enemy lines in order to provide Recon for an airstrike. He was apparently slated to deploy to Iraq in Dec. 2004/5 or so, and he often took great interest in my language skills or other students' cultural backgrounds. He once showed us himself in full combat uniform, with no identifying marking showing, and he had the operator matte helmet, the "baggy" trousers that I have seen so often in YT videos about USSF and SEALs, etc..., and he also had infrared optical attachments on his top rail of his rifle, with what I think was a laser sight under the barrel.

That guy was absolutely ANG SF, correct? He was KIA, so no doxing.
I ask because he had said to me in the past that once I was older I should contact him because he thought I might be interested in his area of the military. I recently tried to find him, and that is when my former principal told me he was killed by an IED. Seems unfair considering how great a dude he was.