My Introduction to the Forum

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Mar 24, 2010
Hello to all!
I am a currently serving U.S. Army Civil Affairs NCO, MOS 38B30. I am currently serving in the CENTCOM A.O. under the 1st Armored Div. Area of Responsibility. This is my second tour so far, the first one was Afghanistan in 2004-2005, with the 450th CA BN (A). I am a current College Senior, working on my Thesis for a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice. I am looking to transfer to Psychological Operations, and could use any advice that forum members would like to share on that subject. I have been in the Army for eight years thus far and am also considering seeking a Commission.
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Welcome aboard!
Welcome to Shadowspear !!

You must be one hard worker ! Serving your country and going to college at the same time is no easy task these day's. Many have done it and it's not easy.

Kudo's to you and thank you for your service.
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