Nearly half of Special Forces could go in deepest cuts in 50 years


Verified SOF
Jul 22, 2008
Does anybody have any information about what will happen to 'FÉLIN'?

What about it? As someone who's been in contact with it, I (and many others) can say it's crap for SOF purposes. Ain't nobody who wants to lug all that extra weight/bulk around, except conventional infantry forces.

Anyway, EU conventional forces are very reliant on outside help, but SOF missions (outside of very large scale ones) can be pulled off independently. That said, we don't always say no to help if/when available. It's well known that most politicians in power are stupid, so when they take a look at SOF budgets, they gawk and immediately demand cuts (easy way to quickly trim off large pieces from the budget). Unfortunately, they fail to realise the incredible value for money those expenses are providing.