New Artifacts Found at Gallipoli


SOF Support
Sep 8, 2006
Pretty neat stuff, especially for you Kiwis out there:
More than 100 artefacts from the First World War have been uncovered in an archaeological fieldwork survey on the Gallipoli battlefield, leading to some interesting theories about life on the frontline according to University of Melbourne survey archaeologist Professor Antonio Sagona.

William Malone commanded New Zealand’s Wellington Infantry Battalion. Malone’s men relieved the Australians at Quinn’s Post in June 1915. This was a key position, where even the smallest advance by the Turk’s would have forced the evacuation of the Anzacs.

Photos of the artifacts are here. Nothing terribly "cool" I'm afraid. gallery.aspx#va083
Very cool, thank you.

I found a couple of small items (bullet casing, shrapnel) when I was there, I really want to go back with a battlefield map/guide book and spend some time there when it isn't flooded with tourists.

Its a profound place to visit.