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Jan 27, 2010
Good day, folk.

I was invited by FireMedic and EMSDOC to participate.

I was DQ'd from USAF on physical (they must have known something at the Naval Hospital)

Began 'life' in BSA, then Emergency Services explorer post. Worked ambulances (volly and for hire transport) until grad BS (nursing) in ICU,CCU, ED. Taught fire department paramedics as a field supervisor, finished medical school, and created an EMS Fellowship for emergency physicians.

Along the way I spent time with the National Cave Rescue Commission, the Applachian Search and Rescue Conference (through Wilderness EMS Institute) and have taught extensively in pediatric, cardiac, and trauma life support programs.

Recent activites (post MI) have been in Tactical EMS (adjunct for a local TEMS educational provider composed of gov and non-gov operators sharing info on tactics and medicine, and the blend), Disaster Medicine (with a local university program), and my personal favorite, austere medicine (off grid type preparations)

Thanks for having me.
Not open for further replies.