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Dec 5, 2011
Hello. I'm new to this site. I am a 32-year law enforcement veteran and also served the last 30 years in the Army, mainly on RC status until October 2003. Since October 2003, I have been on active duty, serving in Bosnia for a couple of years, and then in Sal Man Pak and Baghdad in Iraq for almost two years. I served as an Armor Recon Scout for 3 years, got commissioned and was an Armor officer through battalion command time in 2001-2002. Then I branch transferred to the Military Police and that is my current branch. I was the G-9 (G-5 back then) in Tuzla, BiH for the last SFOR rotation, then transferred to NATO HQ Sarajevo in December 2004 and served as one of the founding members of the NATO Advisory Team for the AFBiH. I left there in December 2005. I was a National Police Transition Team chief in Sal Man Pak and then Baghdad in 2006. After that, I stayed in Baghdad and was one of the original members of the Baghdad Operations Center Advisory Team during the surge. I was the senior operations advisor. I left Iraq in December 2007. Now I'm on title 10 at one of the training installations.

In law enforcement, I was with a midwestern city department of approximately 300 personnel. I retired as a Captain, and served in Patrol, Administration, Criminal Investigations,l and Organized Crime. I was on the SWAT team in various positions for 17 years. I was also in charge of our FTO program and in starting our problem-oriented policing style of work on our department.

I hope that wasn't too long and doesn't sound too egocentric. I look forward to reading a lot of the stuff on the site. Thanks for your time.
Welcome aboard..

Served in BiH Butmir in 2008/09 myself... SAM's is now a GYM:(