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Jan 3, 2007
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A Norwegian SOF unit of 150 men from HJK/FSK will return to Afghanistan this spring and stay for 18 months.
The unit has seen action in Afghanistan before, under OEF and ISAF mandate.




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Press release, published 06.11.2007

No.: 48/2007
Norwegian force contributions to ISAF in Afghanistan

The Government has decided to maintain the presence of Norwegian forces in the Faryab province in Northern Afghanistan through 2008, and will also strengthen the stabilization force (PRT) in Maymaneh with 2-3 helicopters, as well as an infantry unit consisting of about 100 personnel.

The Quick Reaction Force (QRF) in Masar-e-Sharif will be maintained through the first half of 2008, after which this mission will be concluded.

Starting spring 2008, a Norwegian Special Operations Forces Task Group counting about 150 personnel will also be made available for a period of 18 months in the Kabul region. The Special Operations Forces will operate under ISAF command in accordance with the same guidelines that apply in 2007. Any request to involve Norwegian Special Operations Forces in planned operations outside the Kabul area is subject to Norwegian government approval.

In addition, the Norwegian contribution to the training of Afghan defence and police personnel will be increased to about 50 personnel in 2008. These will be stationed in Northern Afghanistan and the Kabul area.

Apart from possibly increasing the contribution to the Norwegian stabilization units (PRT) in Faryab at a later stage, Norway will not make additional military contributions in 2008. There are no fundamental restrictions regarding where to deploy Norwegian forces within the ISAF area of operations.
Amazing they look like a pretty sharp and professional unit, must say they are. :)