NVG capabilities


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Feb 23, 2012
I am looking to purchase nvg adapters for our mark 4 and m3a scopes. When working with some group guys they had a nvg that clipped on to the end of the scope requiring no adjustments. I am trying to find the best scope nvg possible. Any ideas? Feel free to message me as well for opsec purposes.
PVS-22 or 26 are the only night optics with much application for sniper work. Outside of those two, you might as well use a 200mZ on your LA-5 and your PVS-14 or PVS-15 on your helmet.

I don't try too hard to use a sniper rifle at night. If I absolutely have to make long shots at night (500-800m) and a machine gun is out of the question, I'd go with the Mk13 (M2010 for you)and a PVS-26. But my go to night set up would be a 240 with the LA-5 zeroed at 20om for 300m and in, and PAS-13D mounted for anything beyond that out to 1,000m.

At night, you can get a lot closer as long as you are quiet- the one weapon you should always have with you (no matter what sniper rifle you are carrying) is an M4 with 200mZ laser and PVS-14 or 15 mounted.

Don't sweat it if aren't issued night optics for your sniper rifles- machine guns are your best bet, especially at night.
Badger Ordnance SNAP mount I believe is what you are after. Never used one personally, we did make something similar with a piece of plastic pipe for our PVS-18s and MK IVs which was OK out to 2-300m depending on weather.
The use is for helicopter operations with insertion near sensitive sites so machine guns are out. Currently pvs-22 are being used but we need sonething smaller and i am looking at the pvs-24 but i swore there was smaller.
PVS-24 is about as small as it gets, but I wouldn't use it anything other than an M4. If you are already carrying an M24 or M110 I wouldn't worry too much about the added weight of a 22 or 26, it's the only thing that makes the gun worth having at night- the objective diameter of the 24 isn't big enough to collect enough light to work well at longer ranges.

Have you messed with the SU-232 mounted in front of an ELCAN or ACOG? You can set the digital zoom to 2x which gives you 8x- I'd trust it to 400m or so on my M4.
That is an interesting set up, never seen it done before. The only thing we ever used them for was call outs, no one really ever mounted them.
Yep. You do it with the 232's reticle turned off and use your ELCAN or ACOG's reticle. You can keep it in a pouch or your ruck and just throw it on when you get settled in or when it gets dark- you don't have to worry about losing your zero.