NZ Armed Forces to "mesh" into amphib force


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Dec 15, 2006
New Zealand
I'm not quite sure what their plan is here. Mac, do you know any more?

The army, navy and air force are being reconfigured into a joint amphibious task force, says Defence Minister Wayne Mapp.
By 2020 the task force will be at the core of the New Zealand Defence Force, he told the defence industry forum in Wellington today.
Mapp said the integrated force would change the way the defence force evolved and change the way it planned and carried out operations.
Rather than developing independently, the army, navy and air force would mesh together.
It would also be more flexible to meet the full range of tasks required of it, Mapp said.
This would range from combat operations through to disaster relief and support for Pacific neighbours.
He said the joint amphibious task force would incorporate the huge intelligence and surveillance capabilities of the upgraded P-3 Orion patrol aircraft and the capability of HMNZS Canterbury to provide transport and support for the army and air force.
"The next 10 years will see existing defence force units and assets becoming oriented around the joint amphibious task force and enhance existing capabilities," Mapp said.
The idea is to model things on the USMC. It was Dodsons baby in the 90s and in a way it makes sense.
Interesting. I saw a large group of Aussies around the MEF HQ for a few weeks in December and could never quite figure out why they were there. Guess that answers that.