Old Guy's Introduction!


May 4, 2020
Hello everyone.

I'll try to keep this brief. I'm an "older" guy at 34 years old. I have never served, though I always wanted to. Took losing 110lbs to even become eligible. I've spent the last 8 years working in Corrections. Made it through selection for the department tactical team, which I've done for a few years now. Still regret having never joined up and think I need to do it while I still can. People think I'm crazy, but I know I need to do it.

My wife and I have a good foundation and I've got a good career where I live, so I'm not looking to move somewhere else permanently. My job is also very secure and very accommodating for military. I've got my eye on the 19th Special Forces Group out of Utah as its a short distance away and offers at minimum Airborne Support positions. I would love nothing more than be a part of the Special Forces mission as a Green Beret. I'm here looking for research and input on making this happen.

**edit after seeing the date on the original post... this guy e8f8d9 still around?


As long as you can perform, your age is just a number. The SF regiment is always looking for mature individuals to fill the ranks provided they can meet the standards.

Are you in contact with a recruiter for 19th Group yet? Seeing as you are off the street I believe they would have to give you a 18X contract which requires knocking out MEPS before shipping to Infantry OSUT -> Airborne -> SFPC -> SFAS -> Q course -> Language school.

It is by no means a short endeavor but it's 100% worth it.

I am currently on orders working with the recruiting division for 20th SFG in Jacksonville, FL and would be happy to get on a call with you to answer any questions you may have.

If that's something you're interested in let me know.
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